01 How it works

Conduct an ultrasound

Start by performing an ultrasound video scan with the same technology you are already familiar with and have at hand. There are some steps you can take to ensure you get an optimal scan for a Morphometrix scan. For a detailed rundown, check out our Scan Protocol Videos performed by Dr. Cooper Williams DVM.

Scan Protocol Video
02 How it works

Upload your image

Through our simple web app interface, you’ll upload clips of your ultrasound for processing.

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03 How it works

Crop the area of interest

Using our built-in crop tool, highlight the area where you want Morphometrix to focus its power.

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04 How it works

Get your results

In just a few minutes, your scan will return to you with a wealth of information. Analyze, treat, and track the recovery of your animals, thanks to Morphometrix and its ability to generate tangible, measurable diagnostic readouts.

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2D and Interactive 3D

View a tendon,ligament, or muscle interactively as a live model, and slice through planes and cross-sections to get a full picture of what’s going on inside the anatomical structure.

Acquire quantitative measurements

Use mapped views of a tendon’s liquid-tissue interfaces (endotenon) so you can see where anatomical structures have been compromised.

Detailed scan analytics

Get objective measures of your horse's muscle, tendon and ligament fiber bundle counts and use comparative data to track long-term healing.

05 How it works

Keep all of your data in one place so historical scans are easy to reference and compare with new scans over time. You can access the result of each scan and its history, download the results and compare. Alternatively you can access the scans consecutively or in any order in your web browser.

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Share the results to your clients

Export scans directly from the software to your clients inbox, so they can see what you see.

Manage and maintain scan results

Store an extensive record of scans, organized by patient, so each animal’s medical history is easily available and searchable.

Getting started

Want to try Morphometrix?

We’re currently granting limited access to interested parties who would like to see the full capabilities of the Morphometrix application. New accounts will be provided to users after a short video conference demonstration by one of our trained ultrasound specialists. To sign up for a demonstration, please complete the form below, provide a day and time that works best for you and one of our support members will reach out, via the email provided to confirm your appointment.

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